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AI Deter's only mission is to transform the world into smart and safe communities by leveraging AI.


AI Deter was conceptualized from both founders, Chris Rich and George Grama during the height of the Covid-19 shutdown and crime spike within the city perimeter.  Both founders saw a huge gap with current video monitoring services as well as after the fact knowledge and response times from security patrols and police officers.  

Due to Chris's deep background in personal protection, security and Georges background in coding, machine learning and AI, they were able to create something innovative and helpful to the world, AI Deter.  Software technology that required no hardware and easily scalable that essentially made cameras pro-active instead of reactive.


Chris Rich, Cofounder

Chris Rich is a serial entrepreneur and security expert who is also a licensed private investigator and certified/trained executive protection agent.  He is also cofounder of Hawque Protection Group and also founded Hawque mobile apps, which connected users to security resources through a mobile app.  He has an extensive background in consulting commercial developers around their high rises and shopping complex's as it relates to crime and does regular news interviews on local news channels.  He has also provided protection services to well known political figures, entertainers and has worked alongside secret service.


George Grama, Cofounder

George Grama is a serial entrepreneur who founded Mondo Taxi App in 2013 in Romania and was acquired by SoftMills.  In addition to Mondo app, he has successfully launched taxi booking apps in Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Italy and Australia.  George self taught himself how to code at the young age of 12.  His most recent venture was Autonomy Chain, in which he founded in 2017.  Autonomy Chain created a blockchain based cloud network allowing connected and autonomous vehicles to communicate with each-other, with smartphone apps and with the smart city infrastructure.  

Our Partner

AI Deter has longstanding relationships with Hawque Protection Group. Hawque Protection Group is a minority licensed firm that specializes in personal protection, commercial property security and estate protection and is a one of Atlanta's fastest growing security firms 


Our partnership and access within their industry allows us to test new solutions for real security issues, services and clients.  Their resources and partners also provide us expert consultation from some of the best security thought leaders in the country.

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